Ceramic Coating

WHAT IS A Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating will keep your vehicle looking new and protect the paint for years to come! Your ceramic coating will provide protection against harsh chemicals and provide a sacrificial layer to further protect its thin layer of clear coat. Another benefit is it provides a hydrophobic layer to prevent dirt and other contaminates from bonding to your vehicle, thus making washing a quicker and easier process!

Protect Your Investment

There are many reasons to invest in a ceramic coating. However, Not all coatings are created equal! And even the best ceramic coating, if not properly installed, won’t be worth the money you spend! Correct preparation is crucial for a ceramic coating to last for many years! If you want easier washing of your vehicle! An ultimate gloss and shine after every wash! And the BEST protection from UV damage, chemical resistance, and a glass-like, show quality shine, for the life of your coating, without EVER having to wax again, then a ceramic coating is the way to go!

Oh, and with our warranties, you will retain the best possible resale value of your vehicle! Meaning, a ceramic coating will SAVE you money AND time!!

Are you looking to take your vehicle's paint protection a step further? Consider our XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF). We can also apply a layer of ceramic coating over the PPF to provide the absolute best of the best!

Ceramic coating Austin Tx

Are you looking for the best ceramic coating Austin TX? Consider our ceramic coating installation shop for the best experience for you and your vehicle. Contact us today for your free quote. We will gladly educate and go over the packages best fit for your vehicle.

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The science behind protecting a vehicle has come a long way, and wax is no longer king. Ceramic coatings last longer and provide more protection, making it effortless to maintain your vehicle’s appearance. At Taurus, we use only the best: Opti-Coat developed by Optimum Polymer Technologies.

Taurus is an authorized installer of the full line of Opti-Coat products, including Opti-Coat Pro and Opti-Coat Pro+ coatings. Opti-Coat Pro is a hard-wearing, ceramic clear coat for resistance to scratching and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts.

The Opti-Coat Pro chemically becomes part of the painted surface it is applied to so that the coating does not just merely sit on top of the paint like other paint-protection products.

Opti-Coat Pro forms a continuous protective film similar to a clear-coat finish. In addition to providing chemical and scratch resistance and protecting from UV fading, Opti-Coat Pro's ease of maintenance is unmatched in the industry.

The advanced polymer technology provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints and can also protect metal and hard plastic surfaces. Opti-Coat Pro is applied only once but provides permanent protection backed with a five-year warranty. Opti-Coat Pro Plus is an enhanced two-step version of Opti-Coat Pro. Applied on top of Opti-Coat Pro, Opti-Coat Pro Plus adds resistance to hard-water spotting as the paint becomes even more hydrophobic. Opti-Coat Pro Plus increases gloss, slickness, and long-term paint protection with a seven-year warranty.

Opti-Coat coatings starting at $1299