5 Situations Where a Ceramic Clear Coat is a No-Brainer For Your Car

//5 Situations Where a Ceramic Clear Coat is a No-Brainer For Your Car

If you haven’t heard of it before, a ceramic coating can be a permanent way to protect the paint on your vehicle over time. It’s a great way to protect the paint on your prized Corvette SS, brand new Tesla, or even your day-to-day car. 

What is it though? Here’s a technical explanation:

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle. When cured, this technology chemically bonds with the vehicle’s paint, becoming a permanent, durable yet flexible clear shield. A ceramic coating can be described as an additional clear, with three times the hardness and self-cleaning properties. 

Okay, so that’s a bunch of marketing speak. What does a ceramic coating actually do, and why is it worth investing in?

What is a ceramic coating?

There’s a lot of good information out there on how it works, and we’re writing a post going over it now that we’ll release in the next couple of weeks. (Subscribe here for updates!)

Essentially, a ceramic coating is a clear, protective barrier that becomes part of your car’s paint to safeguard it from the elements. Protected paint is more resistant to scratches, bug guts, road dust and all the other things you encounter that tend to beat up your paint job. 

It lasts much longer than wax and it’s way more durable. It is more expensive but the benefits are rich. Keep reading to see our top five reasons you should get a ceramic coating.

#1: If you’re going to sell your car at some point.

No one wants to get a lower price when they’re reselling their car. One way to make sure that you get your asking price is to make sure your car’s nice appearance stays intact. Good-looking cars usually sell for a higher price and appeal to more potential buyers. If you take care of the paint, you will be able to sell the car for more money and faster than you would otherwise. 

#2: If you don’t have time to be washing and waxing the car all the time.

Some people wash their cars regularly or use wax but the cost can really add up. Not to mention you can spend a lot of time cleaning and waxing the car. Some people enjoy waxing their car, but others just want the benefits without the time commitment. 

It usually takes an hour or more to wash your car at home. Waxing is another story; doing the job well can take the whole day, especially if you have a large truck or SUV. If you’re the kind of person that finds that relaxing, great! For the rest of us that don’t want to spend half of our weekends waxing (or waiting on someone else to do it), a ceramic coating is the ideal option. You’ll be able to go longer between washes, and when you do need to wash your car, the time you spend will be cut in half. That means more time for fun stuff, like taking the family for a cruise. 

#3: It’s better for the environment.

Many drivers today care about their carbon footprint (I’m looking at you, Tesla owners). But it’s hard to keep a car clean without washing it all the time. That has an impact on the environment – it uses a lot of water and cleaning products which then go back into our water supply. 

Thinking you might get around this by skipping the washes? Think again. Without regular washes, you could end up having to get the paint fixed later, which is very expensive (meaning no vacation for you this year). A protective barrier like a ceramic coating can preserve the paint for the lifetime of the car and is much thicker than waxes or other similar products. 

#4: If you plan to keep your car for a long time.

Re-painting can be expensive for any car, costing thousands and it never really looks exactly the same as the original paint job. A ceramic coating can last the lifetime of the car. So if it’s applied by an expert, it should save you thousands on taking care of that Dodge Charger you’re going to give your kid when they get their license. It’ll keep that fine, glossy finish as long as you have it. That leads me to my favorite reason of all, which is…

#5: Having a beautiful high-gloss finish that you don’t have to work hard to maintain.

My old boss always used to tell me that we’re not the car-detailing business, we’re in the self-esteem business. A clean car just makes you feel good. All we’re trying to do at Taurus is help you feel good more often, and a ceramic coating will help us get you there. 

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