Why the Taurus Rinseless Wash Kit is better than everyone else’s

//Why the Taurus Rinseless Wash Kit is better than everyone else’s

Why is Taurus’ Rinseless Wash Kit better than all the others? Because it was designed by an amateur (well, I contributed). 

This all started when we got a new car (2017 Ford Taurus Limited – we really like the word Taurus) a few years ago. Being the auto detailer that he is, Sean had to immediately do some paint correction and, of course, protect it with a ceramic coating. I wasn’t allowed to drive it until after these things had happened. While the coating was crosslinking (you’re on your own in figuring out what that means) in our garage, I put the license plates back on so I would be able to drive it right away. Apparently, that was the wrong move because those hadn’t been coated yet. Yeah. An auto detailer, clearly, I am not. Don’t judge me too harshly – I’m still learning.

Since I met Sean, I have been inundated with the benefits of ceramic coatings. One of these glorious advantages is that washing your car yourself was substantially easier. Especially if you used Sean’s process which didn’t require water (that’s what I thought “rinseless wash” meant at the time, which sounded pretty impossible, but since I have long accepted that there are a great many things in the universe I will never understand, I just let it go). When my dear husband first had the idea of putting together a rinseless wash kit to offer customers, I finally decided that I should probably get a better grasp of what he was going to be selling. I (naively) asked him to write down the same process he demonstrates to coating customers. My idea was that if I could understand it, then everyone could (I mean, it took me months to figure out that water was, in fact, still involved). If his instructions were easy enough to follow, then we’d have a better chance at making a profit off our investment.

It took him awhile, but Sean finally came home with his steps scrawled on a few pages of a legal pad. The next Saturday with decent weather, I set up my supplies in the driveway and got ready to see what all the fuss was about.

I can tell you right now – it took me way more than 30 minutes to wash my car. And it wasn’t because the Ford Taurus is so big it’s basically a boat with wheels. No, my main issue stemmed from the fact that every time I needed to see what came next, I had to stop what I was doing, get up, dry my hands off, walk to the front of the car, and read the paper instructions again. And apparently, I have a short-term memory problem which meant I was making frequent trips back to that legal pad. Or maybe I was nervous because Sean was sitting there watching me, ready to correct anything I did wrong. Either way, checking the instructions were a huge time suck.

This little science experiment taught me several things.

  1.     No one likes a wet phone (aka no one brings their laptop to a pool party).

Lucky for me, Sean was right there and could answer all of my questions, but what would have happened if he wasn’t? Would I have looked up how to use the products on my phone and hope for an educational video? To be honest, probably not. For one, I hate watching videos online and I hate it when I’m trying to accomplish something but have to stop in the middle.

Look, I’m sure that the other maintenance kits, detailing kits, starter kits, whatever kits were put together with great attention to detail (forgive the pun – I can’t help myself) and I have no doubt that they work perfectly when you know how to use them. But when I started looking around online to find some inspiration for our kit’s manual, I was left with no results. I even contacted a few of the sellers to ask if maybe their instructions just weren’t included in the product photos. Their answer was to direct me to their online instructional videos. Unfortunately, that would leave me in the same situation as I was before with Sean’s written instructions, but with a lot higher price to pay if I drop my phone in the water bucket. And as we’ve already covered, I’m not capable of memorizing stuff.

  1.     Don’t let the expert do the ‘splaining.

It’s tough to explain a process when you know what you’re doing. Think about something you’ve been doing for a really long time, like…I don’t know…making coffee. You know the exact steps you take to complete this task so well that you can do it half-blind and half-asleep (or Sean can anyway). I’m sure you think you could tell someone exactly how to repeat your process. Let me give you the bad news – you can’t. Not thoroughly anyway.

It’s difficult to anticipate every question that every person is going to ask. Particularly if you’re dealing with someone that has never made coffee before. The disparity between the foundational knowledge that you have versus what they have is too great. You’re inevitably going to make different assumptions based on your experience or feel that there are parts of your process that are obvious and don’t need to be included (trust me, this is not the case). The easiest way to write a step-by-step guide on how to complete a task is to combine the knowledge of the expert with the inexperienced questioning of a rookie. So that’s what we did.

Over the next few days, Sean and I worked together to fill in the gaps and develop what is now an integral part of the Taurus Rinseless Wash Kit: an instructional manual detailed (there I go again) enough to answer questions for the new guys but not long enough to scare off the amateurs. Nope. Our manual only has six pages of info. With lots of pictures. Oh, and big font. We also threw in some expert tips to keep things interesting and help make your experience as efficient as possible.

  1.     Drying your hands all the time is stupid.

The next issue was how to make this amazing manual easy to access (dry hands or not) throughout the entire car-washing process. We considered laminating paper pages but then we wouldn’t be able to hole-punch the thing so we could attach to the bucket handle. And if it couldn’t be attached, then it could get lost. So, we went back to our trusty sidekick Google and found a type of waterproof paper. No smudged ink in your future, fearless kit owner. Oh, and did I mention the paper is also tearproof? Yeah. We did that for you. Now you can spend less time washing your car and more time showing it off. You’re welcome.

I could spend some more time talking about how the Taurus Rinseless Wash Kit only includes top-of-the-line products and how fluffy the microfiber towels are but you’ll figure that stuff out next time you’re at the shop (or Sean can gladly expound on that in his next blog post).

I feel my work here is done. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a detailer’s wife. 😉


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